Bengo is Angola’s newest province.  It was created in 1980 when the government decided to divide Luanda province into two separate provinces.  Bengo province now surrounds the smaller Luanda province.

Bengo Province hosts the Kissama National Park, Kibinda Forest Reserve as well as some of Angola’s finest beaches.  Several lakes, rivers, lagoons and the expansive coast line allows  fishing (both freshwater and sea) to be  one of Bengo’s primary sources of income.  The province also produces much of the agricultural products consumed in Angola’s capital, Luanda.


Capital: Caxito
Area: 33,016 sq. Km
Population: 450,000
Climate: Dry / Tropical
Dial Code: 034

Main Products

Agriculture: Cotton, Cassava, Palm Oil, Citrus, Bananas, Papaya, Robusta Coffee, Beans
Minerals: Sulphur, Rock Salt, Phosphates, Quartz, Limestone, Gypsum
Others: Fishing


You can also download the Bengo PDF.