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Acting as a business channel focused on taking the most of the opportunities Africa has to offer, Angola-Today can help you find the right way for your company to have a jump start that will ensure you to integrate well into the African regional market.

Angola-Today works as an information hub fulfilling the need of updated economic information about the African continent.


Linceus Consulting can be your open door to Angola. Acting as a business channel focused on the best business opportunities Angola has to offer, Linceus Consulting can assist you in finding the right way for your company to have a jump start that will ensure the best integration into the Angolan market.

Linceus Consulting is an international consultancy agency based in the United Kingdom and with a strong and active focus on Africa. Because we deeply believe that much remains to be done we want to be part to the development and growth of Angola by assisting your company to enjoy and take advantage of the best business opportunities available in the country. With the right guidance, our assistance may represent the jump start for companies seeking to do business in new and enormous potential scenarios.

Linceus believes in Angola and in its people and wants to have its place in the developing process that has already begun. With profound and specific knowledge of the African reality and with extensive experience in Angola, Linceus is focused on areas with the greatest growth potential in this country.

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